Betty Adamou



CEO, Founder & Chief ResearchGame™ Designer

Inventor of ResearchGames™

Betty is a multiple-award winning researcher recognised for her work in designing, creating, evolving and pioneering the use of games, play and virtual environments for online research and data collection. Named “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”, Betty’s is heralded as one of the market research industries most important innovators and has been instrumental in engaging the next generation of researchers into the industry through the use of Games for Research. Betty is a frequent writer, conference speaker, and university guest lecturer.

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Ray Poynter

Lead Strategy & Growth Advisor at Research Through Gaming

Author of highly acclaimed book The Handbook of Mobile Market Research and of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research. Ray is also the founder of, an online education service for the marketing research industry which brings high quality and affordable knowledge-sharing to everyone. Ray has over 35 years experience in the market research profession and is a pioneer for innovation in research. He is a frequent conference speaker, Keynote and carries out training and development for students and professionals alike in many disciplines in market research including analytics and social media research as a consultant and through the Market Research Society.


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Paul McGhie


Cinematography Director of ResearchGames

With over 12 years in the filmmaking industry through his company Poor Arthur Productions, award-winning independent filmmaker Paul McGhie has written scripts for, directed and edited a series of short movies and has just finished shooting his first feature film in London, and has also developed music videos. A storyteller at heart, Paul’s talent and skills are pivotal for the development of our ResearchGames, ensuring that the visuals presented to our playspondents have the gravitas, beauty and interaction needed for rigorous and enjoyable market research. Paul’s talent also extends to our graphic art and narratology; providing stories and graphics to support the research objectives of our clients in the ResearchGames we make. He is also the founder of LaunchPad Films, bringing film studies and film making to children in London schools.

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Andrew Jeavons

Lead Software Development Advisor at Research Through Gaming

Andrew Jeavons has over 28 years experience in the market research industry focussed on survey software and survey tool development. He is the founder and owner of Mass Cognition. From programming at Quantime in the 80’s to Managing Director and CEO of major survey software firms, Jeavons’ experience is pivotal to Research Through Gaming. Based in the US, Andrew is originally from the UK, and his oversees presence has provided a stage as a regular conference speaker and award winning researcher, with an impressive record for software development. In his experience, Andrew has ‘seen it all’, so his knowledge of the evolution of survey software development is integral in the continued evolution of our ResearchGames and immersive research experiences.

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