We know your Frequently Asked Questions and there's about 9 of them. Here's some answers to help you get started.

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Q1. What is a Playspondent™?

Lady Gaga has Little Monsters. Taylor Swift has her fanclub of 'Swifties'. Even Justin Beiber has his 'Beliebers'. But before naming your fanclub became fashionable, Research Through Gaming decided to rename the research participants playing our ResearchGames, and called them 'Playspondents'. A Playspondent is a research participant playing one of our ResearchGames. Because we invented ResearchGames as a new research methodology, our Founder had to create a term to describe the people taking part in a concise manner. Are the participants now game players? Or are they research respondents? The answer is both, as the platform is a game and a research platform synonymously.

Q2. Can I use Game-based research methods (Gamification and Games) for ALL age groups? Or is it just for children?

Using game-based research methods is suitable for ALL age groups, but boils down to great design supported by robust software so people as young as 6 or as old as 98 are able to easily access and play ResearchGames or take part in Gamified Surveys. Our youngest ever Playspondent has been 6 years of age, and our eldest Playspondent was aged 89. In a two-part quantitative research project validated by Research Through Gaming and an academic client, we found that there was no one age group that had any higher levels of response or engagement – all age groups enjoyed and participated in our two part study equally. And for a study for wide age groups like 18-65+ year olds, that comes down to good design. Well designed media like books, film, music vidoes or games can span enjoyment and engagement in all age groups, and that’s why you want to use a good team of designers who understand research, games and robust user-design.

Q3. Is Game-based research suitable for all types of projects? Could I use it for any kind of research?

Absolutely. From business insights to primary research, from concept testing and ideation, to employee engagement. We provide research solutions catered to your needs. As a team of fantastic designers, we've catered for projects as different as governmental, social, academic and typical market research projects to gain the insights our clients need. Our CEO and founder Betty Adamou, has created ResearchGames™ for qualitative projects such as face-to-face focus groups with children and adults, and together with our team, we have designed quantitative, online ResearchGames™ for product development, ideation, ad and brand testing, max diff, to much less conventional projects such as understanding how people feel about forms of identification in the future. There is not one project that we haven’t been able to improve with our methodology. Just take a look at some of the respondent reactions we’ve had from previous studies.

Q4. How do I see my data? Is it different?

The data we'll produce for you will have a higher quality, so yes, the data itself will be different, but the method in which you see your data can be in any format that's easier for you. So, the answer to this question is really a question: "How do you WANT to see your data?" because whichever way you choose, we probably have a solution. From exporting to Excel as default from our in-house and home-grown Data Collection system, to exporting to SPSS. But why stop there? We can also provide a range of innovative reporting services so that you can see your data as genuine insights, from interactive presentations to video reports and infographics. As a team of graphic designers working with researchers and analysts, we can deliver the data in a format that engages YOU and your team, and makes your life easier for accessible data, insights and decision making.

Q5. Who do you work with? Does Research Through Gaming work with agencies or brands?

The answer to that is a fairly simple one; we work with both. From FMCG brands like The Campbell’s Soup company to academic clients like IMPRINTS Futures, to Price Waterhouse Coopers and Kantar Health and MESH The Experience Agency, we have, and do, work with any company that requires engaging and innovating research which we can provide through our game-based methodologies, because let's face it, EVERYONE needs higher participant engagement, better quality data for insights that will drive business decisions in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve and partner up agency to agency style, we're your man. If you're a brand looking to outsource your research project to an innovative agency that will act as a flexible partner and evolve with your needs, then that's us.

Q6. What kind of tech do you use to create Game-based research?

f it’s online, or via mobile devices, we use our own. Since the day Research Through Gaming started, we were building our very own ResearchGame engine and Data Collection system. Why? Because there simply wasn’t an existing game engine or data collection system at the time, or indeed now, which we could pay a license for to allow us to carry out the functions we wanted for research data to be captured from games. So we built our own. Our Game Engine and Data Collection system are completely unique to Research Through Gaming. If we’re creating a ResearchGame for an offline qualitative research study, such as a hall test or focus group, then we don’t need to use our Game Engine to create those – we use our design skills and existing library of ResearchGames for face-to-face use. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your offline qual projects and hear about some of the ResearchGames we have.

Q7. Aha! But I bet you guys are really expensive, aren't you!!

As you can tell from the exclamation marks, this is not so much a question that we get to hear a lot at Research Through Gaming, we get it as an assumption instead. So yeah, we have a nice website. But I made it myself. Yes, it's me here, Betty Adamou, I do web design too. But I spent $69 on this website. Why am I telling you this? Because we want to illustrate to you how we use existing technologies and new technologies with our design skills and knowledge to bring our clients engaging and innovative research projects at a price that won't scare you. In the words of one of our most recent clients "I paid TNS more for just a normal survey". And not only that, but time and time again we've proved through working with many types of clients, that we can, and do very often, work to a budget. Have you only got a minimum budget but want to get maximum impact? Then we can show you how to make it better. Got enough money and want to splash out on a fully-fledged game for research? That's ok too. Want something off the shelf that will take less time to build? Ok. So let us write you up a proposal and see what we can do for you. PS. We don't have any 'hidden fee's. The price we'll give you will include everything you need to make your research project a success. So get your one-stop-shop price from us today by getting in touch with our team.

Q8. How can I speak to Research Through Gaming about my project and pricing?

Well, this isn't so much a question as a way to get you reading this to try and get in touch with us, because we want your business. This was placed here as a 'call to action' as web developers call it, but I'm sure you knew that already. Don’t worry, we won’t make you fill out a form. Just call us on +44 (0)207 887 2241 or email us at rtg@researchthroughgaming.com and a real human being will reply to you. If you were feeling casual, you could always send us a message on our Twitter page or even our Facebook page (and yes, some clients have done that before). And that's ok with us.

Q9. Wait! I forgot to ask. Where is Research Through Gaming based?

Like so many innovative start-ups, we started from a bedroom working from laptops on beanbags and beds to get things done. But we didn't stay there, because it got a little cramped as we grew. We’re now based in a lovely office in London, and even have a little river near us now. It's really nice (come by for a coffee!) But as a company providing what is essentially software, that means we have a worldwide reach at the touch of a button. And that’s the great thing about making ResearchGames and Gamified surveys. Because they're all online, each one has a unique URL link, our Playspondents can be in Mumbai or Miami, click the link to the game, and take part wherever they are, and wherever you are.

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