The Three Pillars of Science behind What We Do

We don't make games for research just because we think they'll be fun for participants. It's much more than that. By intrinsically engaging people in your research, and encouraging them to play, you can simulate experiences and observe emotion-driven choices to understand how people think and feel. And what they'll do.

Creating &
Perpetuating Intrinsic Engagement

We know from academia and business that extrinsic motivators don’t always work. So if it’s engagement that you’re lacking in your online research, why not use Research Through Gaming to borrow from the most engaging medium of all time – the Game? By intrinsically engaging our Playspondents through ‘ResearchGames’, not only do we see an increase in response rates and better nationally representative sample, we see an overwhelmingly positive sense of enjoyment as our Playspondents tell us again and again how much they love being part of our ResearchGames.

They tell us they have experiences through playing our ResearchGames, they tell us they even learn a thing or two. And they tell us, in no uncertain terms, how they want to play more ResearchGames in the future.

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#2 The Importance
of Play

When we play, we learn more, and faster. We develop better social skills. We develop emotional intelligence. 

When we play, our minds our stimulated and we’re more creative and collaborative. In the demanding and competitive landscape for making better products and services, don’t just let your participants answer questions by taking part in regular surveys. Let them co-create, collaborate and provide ideas through PLAY. Contact us to play a real ResearchGame™ and experience it for yourself. Just leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

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#3 Understanding Emotion-Driven Choices

The third Pillar of Science behind our ResearchGames™ is understanding emotion-driven choices and emotion in context. We have proven that emotions can be evoked through our ResearchGames, allowing us to understand the why behind the what.

We know from behavioural economists that we’re all irrational creatures; we make decisions based on how we feel at the time. So if feeling is so important, we thought, “why not place participants in environments where we can watch how their emotions shape what they do?” Our ResearchGames use virtual environments, game frameworks, narratives as well as music and sound effects to evoke relevant emotions to understand the true mind-sets of participants. Get in touch to read our papers, case studies and even participant testimonials.

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Read Our Work For More Evidence

Our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, created Research Through Gaming on the back of a strong belief that using games for research WILL be the way our industry creates surveys in the future, and she has worked tirelessly to evidence why games work for research. She even started the first PhD on game-based research supported by ESOMAR. Read our work, listen to our webinars, or even be part of our Playshops to find out more.

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