Introducing R.A.D.
Research Aided Design.

Our new ResearchGame
for Apparel Design and Sustainability.

Our new ResearchGame is for apparel brands who wish to collaborate with their consumers to design their ideal apparel products. You may have already heard us present our client success story, where we used this game to speak to consumers of a Fortune 500 apparel brand.


  • Presented our client case study at the IMPACT MRS Annual Conference in 2017
  • Won an award for this presentation!
  • As a winner, we were invited to speak at the Best of Impact conference in Manchester, 2017
  • We were invited by the European Outdoor Group to speak at the ISPO 2018 trade show in Munich in Jan 2018
  • Launched the R.A.D. product to coincide with our ISPO talk!

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  • Hear about how this game can help your design team by using crowd-sourced and evidence-based insight
  • Read our article based on our client success story and the thinking behind the R.A.D. product online here at Research Live.

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