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For speaking engagements and/or design work and consultancy, please contact Betty Adamou directly: betty[dot]adamou[@]researchthroughgaming[dot]com

Before getting in touch with us…
At Research Through Gaming, we know you’ll value the great work we do and our expertise. As well as our commercial work, our team collectively carry out lots of voluntary work, aiding students and professionals in the market research industry. Our academic work is also shared, for free, with our various communities.
For these reasons, RTG no longer carry out any services without remuneration. Please do not expect free brain-picking. We’re available for consultancy hire where we can do things like schedule ideation sessions, develop engaging research designs for your project, and more. We’re also open to trades-in-kind, so if you have a collaborative opportunity to discuss, please get in touch.

Other useful notes…
Betty is always delighted to hear from RTG fans, and followers of her work, so if you want to reach out and connect with Betty, please feel free! 
However, please bear in mind that between our commercial work, Betty’s PhD, our voluntary work, and just living normal life(!), our time is really limited. So emailing us to meet for a coffee is great, but please be clear on what you’d like to get out of our meetings by outlining expectations and needs. For instance, let us know if you have a project you’d like to buy consultancy and design sessions for, or let us know if you want to work collaboratively.

If this is the case, please do tell us more about your project and expect to sign our mutual NDA upfront, with consultancy terms and conditions.
If you just want to say hi to Betty, she’s on Linked In and Twitter, and will always say ‘hi’ back 🙂

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