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Learning from Maleficent; Communicating changes in the Insights we seek

When you’re working on long-term projects, there can be shifts in the data and insights being sought after, so how do you keep on top of changing demands and avoid a huge Maleficent style faux-pas?
Betty’s 5 top tips for keeping up with clients was published in hard copy of RW Connect magazine in March 2017. You can read the online version by pressing below.

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Engaging Millennials in the MR workplace:
Use Game Design thinking

The Market Research industry is concerned about losing its millennial workforce, and wants to know how it can start retaining it. In this article published in IMPACT magazine and on Research-Live.com, Betty tells us to forget the stereotypical bean bags, exposed brick walls, and open planned offices, and instructs us to focus on what really matters: improving the game by engaging our four psychological needs.

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Our case-study based paper on two ResearchGames published in Online Research Methods in Russia: Trends & Prospects book

A paper that spurred several conference talks and keynote addresses is now published in the Online Research Methods: Trends & Prospects book published in part by OMI (a large Russian market research company) and translated to Russian. The paper which is now published in the book is titled “ResearchGames as a Methodology: The Impact of Online ResearchGames Upon Participant Engagement and Future ResearchGame Participation” which was written by our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou and Dr David Birks, Professor at the University of Winchester and member of the Association of Survey Computing, and also the lead Supervisor for Betty’s part-time PhD. The paper tracks the design process, client interactions, and results from two ResearchGames that were developed by RTG for academic organization ‘IMPRINTS Futures’. You can download your copy of the book (which includes the paper) by pressing the link below.
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VUE Magazine Feature: The Future of Market Research
by Betty Adamou

Betty Adamou’s  featured article for the research magazine VUE discusses how she see’s the future of the Market Research industry – if there will even be a Market Research industry in the future.

Betty’s ideas on the evolution of market research have rocked the industry; from this article came a stream of other invitations to republish this article and for Betty to be interviewed for more details on how she views the future of the research industry – from new methodologies to technological advancements in data collection.

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Gamification.Co features our article on
Gamified Surveys for Children

This article featured on Gamification.co details a case-study from two ResearchGames we made for children aged 7-10 years old with BBC Magazines (Now Immediate Media). The ResearchGames, named “Magazine Question Hunt”, saw an extremely positive response from the children, with higher than expected response rates; meaning that Research Through Gaming completed the project in half the time they were allocated due to increased influx in completes. Read about our ground-breaking ResearchGames in the article.
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TMRE interviews Betty Adamou as part of their Catalyst for Impact Series

In 2014, our CEO and Founder was invited to be interviews about how she got started in the Market Research industry, and what’s next for research and technology combined.
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VUE Magazine Featured article: What If We Treated Participants Like Gamers?

In this Call-to-Action featured article, Betty Adamou compares the similarities and differences between how the Games industry communicates with it’s customers, and the way the Market Research industry communicates with its’ survey participants.

When the games and market research industries face the same design, technical and economical hurdles, how and why is it that games provide so much more engagement to players, but researchers still struggle to engage respondents, despite them being paid? Read the widely-read article to find out more.

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Carrot Pharma Interview Betty Adamou

Carrot Pharma interviewed Betty for a 2nd time in January 2014 on her thoughts about how Gamification has evolved for the market research industry and where Gamification has a place in the Healthcare and Pharma space.
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CASRO features an extract from Betty Adamou's upcoming book

An extract from my upcoming book “Playspondents: Making Games for Research” “Debunking the most common misconceptions of Games and Gamification in Research” for CASRO Journal 2014, global. (By invitation) Managing Editor Art Flanagan. The extract can be read online here: (page 61)
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The Top 10 Things to
Think About when
Setting Up A
Market Research Agency
with RWConnect

This widely read article by Betty Adamou, written from first-hand experience, was featured on RWConnect. Top 10 tips include advice on how to stay relevant and ahead-of-the curve as a new market research agency.
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The Future of
Research Through Gaming

Betty Adamou’s first paper “The Future of Research Through Gaming” caused a well-documented stir in the Market Research industry, placing Betty as an innovator and disrupter by introducing the new methodology of ‘ResearchGames’ into the Market Research industry. Her paper was then condensed to an article on RWConnect, which for a whole year, was RWConnect’s most read article ever up until it’s publication on their website in 2011.

Betty creates a taxonomy of different types of ResearchGames, and discusses the opportunities games can bring clients, respondents and researchers alike in Market Research.

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Interview for RWConnect
on being a
Young Entrepreneur in
Market Research

Our CEO and Founder Betty Adamou was invited to be interviewed by Tim Macer of Meaning (UK) for RWConnect magazine, to find out more from her and three other young technology entrepreneurs of 2012 about how they got started, and where they see the future of the industry.
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Portafolio Newspaper Publishes Article on Gamification in Market Research
by Betty Adamou

Columbia Economic Newspaper “Portafolio” interviewed Betty Adamou on how she see’s that games can be used in market research, and even be used to predict trends using observational methods in game simulations.
Read the interview here (Available to translate from Spanish to other languages)

No More Clark Kent's in Alert! Magazine from MRA

Prompted by her own experience’s, Betty Adamou, our CEO and Founder, wrote in Alert! Magazine about the important of being yourself at work, for the benefit of the whole market research industry!
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