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Want to know why we’re the global leaders? Our CEO and Founder, Betty Adamou, was the first person to start a company solely specialised in game-based research methods, is in constant demand as a conference speaker, writer and consultant, and created our ResearchGames™ approach to market research.

We didn’t follow. We lead the way.

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Research Through Gaming are a methodology focused organization because we know the only way to gather insights to help you accelerate your business, is to engage people so that we can understand what they think and feel, and what they will do.

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We have off-the shelf ResearchGames & bespoke options to cater to your needs.

At Research Through Gaming, we understand that you want to achieve engagement but don’t have all the time in the world. That’s why we’ve built our software to help our clients work faster while delivering a service that has attention to detail.

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What else can we do?

We make Games for online Research. You got that so far. But we also have a surprisingly wide range of other services to offer our clients, such as full-service research, our highly sought-after Playshops, our Consultancy Services and even University Lectures.

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Learn about Gamification & Games for Market Research

Our 1-day workshops are playful and a great introduction to Gamification & Games for Research. Betty Adamou’s Playshops have been carried out with the MRS and ESOMAR, and organizations such as PwC and Kantar, and with Universities such as Brunel and MICA. Delegates will design their own ResearchGames and Gamified Surveys in the Playshop. Find out more and visit our dedicated site.

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Interested in learning about Gamification & Games for Research?

Purchase our 1 hour webinar with Betty Adamou today and get an expert Introduction to Game-Based Research Methods.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding why Game-Based Research has gained popularity in Market Research
  • Understanding the difference between Gamification & Games for Research as two different methodologies
  • Key debates and issues around the use of Games and Gamification in research
  • Design and implementation obstacles to watch out for, and how to overcome them
  • Key case-studies and results to date
  • Best practices and recommendations for using Game-Based Research Methods for your online projects
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“I want to thank Betty and her team for a great ResearchGame design. With only a couple of briefing sessions Research Through Gaming was able to capture the essence of what our client (in the fast moving consumer goods segment) wanted to achieve. When looking at the material that you’ve put together the client used words like fantastic, innovative, creative, and said they were keen to take the thinking to the next level. All in all, we had a great experience working together and look forward to collaborating further with this, and many other clients. Two thumbs up to Betty’s team.”

-Patricio Pagani, Company Director at InfoTools

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Women In Research Event Betty Adamou Gemma Stokes Elina Halonen

Our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, was been kindly invited to the Women in Research Event (WIRe) panel discussion in London on Thursday 11th June. Speakers also included Gemma Stokes of Podengo, Phyllis Macfarlane from GfK, Rosie Campbell from Campbell Keegan and Sinead Hasson from Hasson Associates Recruitment Ltd.

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Upcoming event:


Bob Lederer, director of RFL Communications, has been a commentator on the market research industry for over 20 years through his various reports and podcasts. In this upcoming interview, Betty Adamou and Lederer discuss advice for research agencies & what’s on the radar for innovation in Market Research. Stay tuned for the published interview!

Understand the
3 Pillars of Science
behind why we use
Games for Research

We don’t just make games because they’re fun to play. Read about the Three Pillars of Science behind why we use games, and why they work in online research to bring you better data quality, higher response rates, and allow you to understand the true mind-sets of your customer base.

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