• Welcome

    Welcome to the home of Research Through Gaming, a multi award winning company. We provide market research through the use of online games.

  • Increased Engagement

    We use game mechanics including narrative, graphics, music & sound effects to create more stimulating & immersive surveys.

  • Greater Accuracy

    Immersive & engaging surveys lead to more honest & in-depth answers, giving you greater accuracy in your results.

  • Tangible Results

    Greater accuracy in your results leads to a better understanding of your business.

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Email Us +44 (0)207 887 2241
  • ResearchGames™

    Need increased engagement and better insights for your quantitative or qualitative research? We specialise in making Games for Research for online and offline studies. We’ve even designed educational games for Researchers to teach this methodology.

  • Gamification Workshops

    We run Introductory and Advanced workshop courses on Games, Gamification and Storytelling for better insights through the Market Research Society and The Future Place. Workshops are run by Betty Adamou, Paul McGhie and Will Poynter.

  • Specialist Consultancy

    Require insights to help you improve your product or service, or even ideation for new products and services? We provide Consultancy to help businesses grow using Games. Get in touch to hire a specialist consultant and access knowledge-sharing services like our webinars, lectures and conference talks.

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