Research Through Gaming, and our founder, Betty Adamou, have a ton of freely available work online. So if you’re looking for interviews, articles, presentations on case-studies, papers, or webinars, just Google us and have a snoop around!

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Struggling with data quality, response rates and respondent engagement? Talk to us. We’ll help you gain the results you need. Our video explains how we work, and why we do what we do.
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Get to experience exactly what our Playspondents experience when they play one of our ResearchGames™. Contact us to get a link to play one of our most recent and interesting ResearchGames.
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Contact us to get our up-to-date list of products, services and pricing. Our 2018 infopack also includes information about who we’ve worked with, more testimonials and publications you can access, and loads more. Get your free infopack today.    
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Get sample slides of "Introduction to Game-Based Research" presentation

An Introduction to Game-Based Research Methods has been our most popular full day Playshop and as a 1 hour webinar. Download our sample deck with a few teaser slides and convince your boss to purchase our 1 hour webinar or a full day Playshop today!
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NewMR webinar

Betty Adamou was invited to speak in the ‘Life of the Cutting Edge of New Market Research‘ series of talks on offer by NewMR on 22nd September 2015 . Although this webinar is over 2 years old, Betty’s teachings are still valued to this day, as so many researchers still don’t realise there is a difference between games and gamification and how that can affect respondent participation and results. Check out her webinar here.