We won a prestigious award through NGMR (Next Gen Market Research), and we couldn’t be happier!

The award (which came to us in a huge box and is extremely heavy!) sits in our offices and reminds us every day to keep doing what we’re doing. It proves that any company, no matter its size, can truly inspire an entire industry to change and evolve for the better. In our case, we did this through our dedication to game-based research methods.

Thank you NGMR, and to Tom Anderson and Kristin Luck for their extremely kind words.

We’d also like to thank all other organizers and affiliates who were instrumental in putting together the awards and presenting them at TMRE. Without organizations like NGMR, companies like RTG wouldn’t have the platform for recognition. Though we were kindly invited to go to Orlando, Florida to pick up our award, we must thank Kristin Luck for accepting the award on our behalf while we were making ResearchGames back here at HQ.

Huge congratulations to all the winners at the 2015 NGMR awards and double congratulations for a 58% increase in submissions from female researchers and innovators!