Game Skinny, a website home to the latest news in the games industry, blogs and reviews,  is one of our faves here at RTG as a go-to place to check out the latest titles. It’s a site written by players, for players, and saw a $2m investment to expand its already-popular website. Imagine our excitement when we found that we were the subject of one of their articles! 
One of the main contributors to the site, H.C. Billings, took part in one of the ResearchGames™ we created for the Campbell’s Soup company (which then resulted in the new Campbell’s Go product you may have heard of).

GameSkinny writes: “The way I look at it, in a time of decreased attention span and a higher desire for reward, companies like Research Through Gaming are simply bringing slightly antiquated research techniques into the 21st century…I could not possibly be more thrilled to find similar game-based research opportunities in my email inbox in the future.”

Thank you GameSkinny for the fabulous review!

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