Games and Gamification in Market Research: Increasing Consumer Engagement in Research for Business Success PaperbackThe book is finally here and available on Amazon and KoganPage!

Games are the most engaging medium of all time: they harness storytelling and heuristics, drive emotion, and push the evolution of technology in a way that no other platform can.

With Betty Adamou’s guidance and encouragement, Games and gamification are now revolutionizing the market research industry.

If you’re ready to reconnect with research participants in a more human way and gain the added benefits of improving data quality and revealing insights untapped through traditional methods, Games and Gamification in Market Research is the book for you. With this book, you’ll learn how to design ResearchGames that intrinsically engage participants. And, you’ll learn how to use these methodologies to become, and stay, commercially successful.

Games and Gamification in Market Research bookIn a world where brands and organizations are increasingly interested in the emotions and contexts that drive consumer choices, Games and Gamification in Market Research gives readers the skills to use the components of games to gather more human and relevant insights about the customer journey and consumer behaviours.

Written by Betty Adamou, the UK’s leading research game designer and named as one of seven women shaping the future of market research, it explains the ways in which these methodologies will evolve with technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and how it will shape research careers. Alongside a companion website, this book provides a fully immersive and fascinating overview of game-based research.

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