By Betty Adamou Founder & Chief ResearchGame Designer. Twitter: @BettyAdamou

Anije Lambert, Founder of PDC Research in Guyana

Anije Lambert, Founder of PDC Research in Guyana

I first met Anije Lambert over email. She got in touch with me to find out more about games and gamification to ‘bring engaging research to Guyana’ where she lives. From there, we continued to speak and I learned more about Anije, and have been so impressed by her since. So I nominated her for the wonderful Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage awards, 2017.

I’ve followed Anije’s story on how and why she had started her business PDC research, and in learning about the challenges she faced in starting this business, and learning how she has been advocating the value of research in Guyana, and creating jobs, and helping her friends get jobs, there was no way I couldn’t nominate Anije for this award.

Her story is not mine to tell, but I will briefly summarise the presentation she gave at the Festival of NewMR a few weeks ago called “Being a Start Up in Guyana“. She reflected on what was going on before she started PDC Research; there was a 40% unemployment rate among University graduates. Her friends were out of jobs. She began to work on a few research projects and in doing so created interest in and showed the value of research in Guyana. She started to get more work. So she hired her talented, graduate friends and made sure she brought them up the ladder with her. She did this all at just 19 years old. As a result, PDC Research is now a thriving boutique agency that has created jobs and promises P-Passion, D-Dedication and C-Care for all clients.

But to begin a business in Guyana is not without it’s challenges. Anije began this business with little to none of the research infrastructures we have the luxury of in other parts of the world. Where businesses typically didn’t even think about market research, or it was way down on their priority lists, Anije showed them the value. Where people who started businesses were older and male, she was a young woman at 19. I  started Research Through Gaming at 24, and it was challenging. I can’t imagine what sacrifices Anije had to make in her personal and social life in not only starting her business but almost immediately having to manage a team of people as well as her clients. The drug on which we’d like to concentrate your attention is called Cialis from We apply it in patients with different severity of erectile dysfunction. It helps get an erection and sustain itfirm enough for normal duration intercourse. Cialis is rather safe. Still, a medical consultation is advised before the initiation of the therapy.

This award has been won by some very well known people in our industry, such as Kirstin Luck, Annie Pettit and Lenny Murphy. But it’s also be won by some lesser known and very brave people who are also instrumental in evolving market research. If you look at the past events here, readers can view the previous winners and judging panels. I believe Anije hasn’t just started a business and jobs, but has broken new ground to pave the way for more market research companies and market research professionals in Guyana.

The awards will be announced in Atlanta in June (check out the full details here) and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Anije’s nomination becomes fruitful and wins, as it would be so well deserved. Anije is fearless, and I can’t wait to see how she evolves, and how her business PDC research evolves in the future.

Listen to Anije’s inspiring story of how and why she started PDC Research below: