We’re very pleased to present Betty Adamou’s interview podcast with EMAWW!

Emaww is the Emotions Matter podcast, where thought-leaders and industry revolutionaries have been interviewed, so we were delighted that Monique Sacay-Bagwell of the Emotions Podcast team and Professor at Lander University got in touch to interview Adamou on how she works, why she does what she does, and more about our ResearchGames and the impact they have on delivering insight and business success to clients.

In sharing the podcast, Monique wrote For all the creatives and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, have a listen to my latest EMOTIONS MATTER PODCAST interview with Betty Adamou, who is a driven, passionate, and highly creative innovator for helping businesses reach out to their clients by way of videogame research. Listen, Like, and Share! And as always Comments are welcome! Above all else Be Inspired!” 

We thank Monique for her kind words, great questions, and a big thanks to the EMAWW podcast team! You can listen to this interview podcast here.

Soundcloud podcast with EMAWW