By David Wiszniowski

Kia has recently introduced an advertisement working in tandem with (a great) Australian company, Explore Engage. Explore Engage has created some amazing and interactive augmented reality campaigns for companies like McDonald’s, Paramount, Sony, etc. Here’s what they did while they were working for Transformers 3:

If you watched that video without your jaw dropping in amazement, this isn’t the blog for you, and sadly, we can never be friends. By using augmented reality, and in some cases, games theory (like us!) Explore Engage has produced some of the most fantastic methods to use in marketing (and even market research) on the planet. I highly recommend that you check out their website, however if you’re too enraptured in my blog to open a new tab, I’ll tell you a little about them.

Explore Engage describes themselves as “world leaders in Augmented Reality applications and interactive experiences. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia (With an Office in Doha, Qatar), our team of highly skilled professionals have developed hundreds of applications for industry leading clients. We command the entire app value chain developmental process across multiple operating systems, from conceptualizing initial creative concepts through to 3D modeling, programming, implementation and analytics“.

Being that I am currently editing a book and writing an article as to the future of the market research industry and its somewhat reluctance to gamify, I love stumbling across these types of company webpages. It is companies like Explore Engage, who add leverage to the argument that the market is changing, and with it, so must market research. While Explore Engage doesn’t do ‘surveys’ (yet), I’m a huge nerd, and think that this type of technology has immense potential within our industry.

Could you imagine the response rate if augmented reality surveys became a thing? It would be obscene!Combine that with the (slowly but surely) emergence of research games and our industry would be unstoppable! Dropout rates? Gone. Respondent engagement? Not an issue.Incentive budgets? I’d pay you to take part in a study. Analytics? Don’t worry about it, Explore Engage has their own department.

It is the different methodologies being used by Explore Engage, and, if I might add, Research Through Gaming Ltd, which will provide the technological and innovative transfusions needed to give our industry a new lease on life.

Let’s get creative market researchers! Let’s make augmented reality research a thing.