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A team of past students from MICA University at the 2014 Guest Lecture presenting their ResearchGame design to Betty via virtual meeting.

Coming up this September: our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, will provide Guest Lecture on Games & Gamification for online market research to MICA University students in India, for the 3rd year running!

MICA University (Institute of Strategic Marketing and Communications) in India is dubbed “The School of Ideas”. And you can see why. The University is world-renowned and its’ alumni (or MICAns, as they are known) hold and have held some of the most prestigious roles in the marketing and market research industry; from the Director of Marketing at Starbucks, the VP of Ogilvy & Mather, SVP to Datamatics Global Services, to Market Research & Insights heads at SABMiller and Director of Brand & Marketing at Microsoft.

In previous Guest Lectures provided by Research Through Gaming, MICA market research and marketing students have attended a virtual Guest Lecture with our CEO & Founder, Betty Adamou, and designed their very own ResearchGames. With our first guest lecture commissioned for the first time with MICA in 2014, the MICA students loved learning about the ‘new’ methodologies of research using games and gamification at the time. However, as our understanding of Games & Gamificaton for online data collection evolves and grows ever deeper, there is always something new to offer the MICA students (and indeed other students at other Universities) each year that we’ve provide the guest lecture. Whether it be a new compelling case-studies, emerging trends, evolved design processes or a new understanding of how our industry is using these methodologies as a whole, RTG have always kept the students up-to-date.

Students who are taught virtually at MICA by RTG, are usually found attentively listening while sitting in a bright, colourful room on beanbags and then get into groups to design their very own ResearchGame, during the guest lecture itself. Adamou says:

“The philosophy behind the two hour guest lectures with MICA students is not just to provide a deep understanding of Games & Gamification as two different methodologies for online market research and data collection, but to give the students the opportunity and confidence to design their own ‘ResearchGame’ to a project brief, and with my guidance and feedback to help them evolve. It is a great opportunity for the students to experiment in a practical way so they can apply the theory, and in the past I have seen fantastic ResearchGame designs presented to me through the virtual webinar by the students. I have actually met a handful of students after the Guest Lectures on a 1-2-1 basis, and was pleased to see they had been passionate enough about game-based methodologies to have written their dissertations, and other essays, on these methodologies. In one case, a student went on to design & program her very own ResearchGame. It was immensely rewarding to see that.”

MICA University student Guest Lecture Research Through Gaming

Another student shows off her compelling ResearchGame design, showing the application of Game & Gamification methodology design processes and theory.

Our University Guest Lectures on Games & Gamification for online data collection have been commissioned around the world, from the Universidad Metropolitana, Prodiseno and IESA in Venezuela, to the Georgian College in Canada, to the University of Winchester, University of Hult, Brunel and University of Loughborough in the UK, and University of Economics in Bucharest, (a list of all speaking engagements can be found here) we have helped hundreds of students understand more about these new game-based methodologies and apply their knowledge to interactive survey design. 

If you’re interested in teaching YOUR students about Games & Gamification as methodologies of online market research, please reach out to us!